Display Monkey adds a Quick Book feature to the Outlook/Exchange frame type

Outlook Calendar Integration - Quick Book

Quick Book – a great new feature

Display Monkey has for some time been able to connect to Outlook/Exchange calendars to show calendar details outside offices and meeting rooms. In the latest version (1.3) a Quick Book feature has been added. The feature allows you to quickly add a new calendar entry in increments of 15 minutes. To Quick Book simply tap anywhere on the calendar and select duration. Done!

The look and feel of the Outlook/Exchange calendar as well as the Quick Book features is completely customizable. The Outlook/Exchange connector Display Monkey is a cost effective and open alternative to Evoko, Visix, RESOFT etc.

Head over to displaymonkey.org to learn more how Display Monkey can help your business. Display Monkey is a web based open source digital signage solution on the Windows platform.