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    Welcome to Display Monkey –┬áDisplay Monkey is an awesome and easy to use browser based digital signage solution that can spread the gospel in stores, hallways, conference rooms and shop floors. Best of all – it is open source.

    Who We Are

    We are, like most of us, daily users of open source software and we are staunch supporters of the open source idea. Display Monkey is our first plunge into this world and and we are excited to be able contributing to the open source community on a larger scale.

    We have been building business software for years and our best known for Boomerang a notification solution for SQL server that are used by IT professionals around the world.

    If you like to help us out or if you have some ideas on how to improve Display Monkey please drop us a line.

    -Michael Malmgren, Co-Founder, Fuel9


    SQL Reporting Services

    Show sales, financial or other types of KPI’s to display up-to-date information. Unlimited number of SQL Server Reporting Service servers may be connected.


    Upload and share images. All the most common image types are supported and multiple rendering options are available like stretch, crop and fit.


    Link your YouTube videos with full control of settings like sound, aspect ratio and video quality


    Upload and share videos. Most common video formats are supported. Play video in full screen or in a user defined panel with or without sound.


    Designed to take full advantage of the HTLM5 standard, it is fast, it is flexible, it is scalable, it is browser based.


    Enter simple memos which will be displayed in a pre-formatted way. Memo’s includes subject line and body section.


    You can organize your displays into groups and hierarchies to enable specific content to be shown only in certain location or locations.

    HTML Messages

    Use the WYSIWYG HTLM editor to create fully customizable messages like a cafeteria menu or a visitors welcome screen.

    Valid From/To

    Any content can be displayed from and to any specific date and time making it easily managed.


    Connect your exchange server and show calendars information like availability outside conference/meeting rooms and offices. Book a meeting room with the Quick Book feature.

    Flexible Layout

    Full screen, two or more panels, sizes and placements. You are in total control how information is displayed on screens.

    Location Support

    Date and time formatting, weather, current time and more. All based on the displays geolocation for easy management.


    Display Monkey comes with built in caching functionality to speed up delivery of content and reduce strain on network resources.


    Designed and built on the latest web and database technologies. Dot.Net 4.x web server and content stored in MS SQL database makes a robust and cutting edge platform.

    CSS Templates

    Built in support CSS templates that will change look & feel of presentations. Create one or more templates for every type of content.

    Power BI

    Connect to Azure/Power BI portal and show your existing Power BI reports and Tiles in hallways and conference rooms.

    Screen Shots



    No hardware, no software, no hassle! Signup for a hosted version of Display Monkey.


    Need help adding or changing Display Monkey functionality. We offer cost effective application development.


    Don’t have time to answer questions and dealing with minor code fixes. Sign up for our first class support.


    Feature Release

    A new feature release is now available for download. Release include AES with a shared key method of encryption used for Exchange, Azure (Power BI) and SSRS account details. Head over to GitHub to check out the details.

    Maintenance Release

    A new maintenance release is now available for download. Release include a number of bugfixes and minor improvements. Head over to GitHub to check out the details.

    Display Monkey adds a Quick Book feature to the Outlook/Exchange frame type

    Display Monkey has for some time been able to connect to Outlook/Exchange calendars to show calendar details outside offices and meeting rooms. In the latest version (1.3) a Quick Book feature has been added. Read More

    Display Power BI Reports and Tiles around your Office

    Display Monkey now offers an easy way to show Power BI reports and tiles in hallways and conference rooms. Read More

    First Installation of Display Monkey

    Anders Mattsson owner and operator of Racket Clinic became the first in the world to use the first official release of Display Monkey. Read More

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